Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Emerging Contaminants and Cars-going-off-the-Cliff

"It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and THEN do your best." - W. Edwards Deming

The topic of Emerging Contaminants came up earlier this week while discussing future of wastewater treatment plants on the US. My opinion is that we are focusing on the wrong place with regulations and our hard earned money.

The metaphor I would like to cite here is often used but very apt and may help us understand what's happening with this issue. Consider a steady stream of cars driving towards a cliff and then plunging off into the abyss. The 'leaders' here look at this devastating situation, get all worked up and quickly decide to do something. Instead of going to the top of the cliff and diverting the traffic off the course of disaster, the 'leaders' decide to get a fleet of ambulances at the bottom of the cliff. That is exactly where the regulations related to Emerging Contaminants are headed, it is a waste of money and effort. This after-the-fact treatment rather than avoidance is really scary. Our 'leaders' have either given up rational thinking or do not think that they are leaders capable of affecting human thoughts and behavior.

The solution is - Think Differently!
How did Southwest Airlines make double digits profit when all the other US airlines were losing billions of dollars and shedding off thousands of jobs?
How did Zappos build a $1+billion company that sells shoes and also 'delivers happiness'?
How did Dr. Wiwat prevent 5 million people in Thailand from contracting HIV?

If the cause is right and the messaging is right, people will follow. We, folks in the water industry and beyond,  have to learn to engage with our customers in a whole different level. Let's start that now!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

PROTEUS Redefined

Proteus will turn two this October. It has been a very satisfying ride and the future looks so promising. We have evolved over the last year and it gives me great pleasure to share with you our plan for the future.

PROTEUS Consulting is a boutique consulting firm with the goal to catalyze the synergy between the Water, Energy, Information, and CleanTech sectors. We exist to bring about metamorphosis.  With versatile high quality technical and management solutions we facilitate the transformation of business-as-usual to a high-energy and productive environment. We are known for our creativity and problem-solving skills, and clients appreciate the individual attention this small, flexible firm is able to provide.

Water+Energy Level I, II, and II Energy Audits, Renewable Energy Options, System Reviews, Energy Strategic Plans, Pumping and Process Optimization, Dynamic Real-time Energy Optimization, Revenue models, Energy Contracts Management

Water+Information IT Management Plans, Field Applications, Mobile Apps, Diagnostics, Process Mapping, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Visualization, Dashboard, Operations and Maintenance Optimization

Water+Economics Long-Range Risk Analysis and Scenario Planning, Funding Analysis, Grant Consultation and Grant Match, Grant Research and Writing, Traditional and Non-traditional Funding Sources, Intellectual Property

Water+Communication Print, Web, App and Media Strategy Materials, Public Outreach, Project Facilitation, Stakeholder Meetings

Water+Engineering Research and Reports, Alternative Development, Engineering Reports, Regulatory Approvals, Preliminary and Detailed Design, Construction Plans, Specifications and Estimates, Permit Applications,Procurement, Document Control, Quality, Construction Phase services, Field Engineering, Commissioning, Handover, Compliance Management. Both Traditional and Design-Build Engineering

Water+Innovation Strategic Business Development, Product Design,Technical Guidance, Process Engineering, System Review and Optimization, Mechanical Engineering, Pilot Testing, Commissioning

PROTEUS Consulting is minority and women owned, small disadvantaged micro-business. We have the CPUC certification for WMBE (Women Owned Minority Business) and several others.