Sunday, June 5, 2011

PROTEUS - What's in the name?

A lot of people have asked me - Why did you name your company Proteus Consulting? What do you mean by Proteus?

In Greek Mythology, Proteus a primordial figure who represents water-god. He is often referred to as the "Old Man of the Sea" who never lies, who sounds the deep in all its depths. At Proteus Consulting, we deal with everything that has to do with water, hence the connection to the water-god.

The water-god Proteus can foretell the future for those who he loves and cares for. Similarly, here at Proteus Consulting, we are abreast and adept with emerging technologies and advanced systems thinking and can advice our clients on strategies to adapt to keep in pace with the rapidly changing world.

Being Protean implies being versatile, flexible, and adaptable. These are the underlying qualities of Proteus Consulting. We are extremely adept in understanding our clients needs, we focus on recognizing opportunities, and work to transform those opportunities into successful outcomes.

At Proteus Consulting, we are a passionate bunch - we are driven by creating fit-for-purpose solutions for our clients.Our success stems from our ability to quickly and effectively understand the unique physical, cultural, and economic opportunities of each assignment. We specialize in building creative solutions that honor each project's distinct features and are committed to integrating design, engineering, and community in a manner that conserves resources – human and material capital.

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