Thursday, December 20, 2012

Innovation Mentoring by Proteus

In the recent WBT2012, 110 companies gave six minute presentations showcasing emerging technologies representing a variety of industry sectors ranging cleantech to medical device, to software and advanced materials. These companies include university spin-outs, startups, market ready university and federal lab innovations. Most of these companies had been funded by the founders and their family, angel funds, venture capital, state and federal grants; and through the exposure at WBT, they were seeking angel capital, venture capital (including seed and early stage), exclusive and non-exclusive licensing partners, co-sponsored research partners, corporate strategic partners.

Five of those teams were mentored by Proteus Consulting. They were:

We also sat through dress rehearsals for six other presenters. Through the mentoring process we helped these companies to hone their presentations to make the maximum impact and gain recognition. Every company has their challenges, be it funding, communication, presentation skills or others. We helped them to stay on message and connect with the audience. 

It was great to see that mentees present during the conference with confidence. And we are VERY HAPPY to announce that one of the above mentioned teams, Groundmetrics, won the Runners Up award!

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